Long Term Play?

I own land in Blaine Co. 07-T15N-R10W. Does anyone know any information about what is going on in that area? Offers to buy minerals are still coming through to me, but I am just not sure what kind of activity there is near me?

Long term it’s going to be good, but it’s going to be years before you make the money on production that’s being offered in that area. I sold my minerals in Kingfisher for this same reason.

Both Cimarex and Continental Resources have filed applications regarding development in Sec. 7. If you have not leased your interest you should be receiving pooling proposals in the next week or two unless the applications are continued. Do not rush into any lease or sale. Unless you have an immediate need for money you will probably be best served by leasing for a 25% royalty and some bonus dollars. Others following this site should be able to give you a good idea of the lease bonus that is fair. Take your time, people on this site can provide excellent advice.

Thank You for the information, anything I can get is very helpful. I am HBP with Devon, on 2 small gas wells at 1/8th royalty. What does that do with my situation? I don’t have a burning need for money, I just want to stay as informed as I can.