Lonesome Dove Resources, L.L.C

Does anyone have any contact information for a Jim Bass ( consulting gelogist ) or a Gene Atkins representating Lonesome Dove Resources, L.L.C.. The old phone numbers that I have are disconnected. I was told by Jim Bass in a phone conversation that they were working with Montex Resources, L.L.C. to fund my expired new lease ( Beaver County, OK. Sec 14-4N-23ECM ). I signed a lease last May, 2013 and received no monies. When there 60 day option expired, I tried to get them to return the signed lease so I could lease with another oil company. So far, no lease has been filed at the courthouse. Any information would be helpful and I will forward to my attorney and have him contact these folks and get the lease back or fund the lease at the agreed price. Thanks!

Very Interesting post! What has been said here is very interesting since I had the opportunity to talk to a Montex Resources Land man by the name of Gene Atkins back about that same time this year and this was in Central Texas. Nothing ever amounted to anything since I told him on two occasions that his lease was awful and his offer numbers were even worse; but, if and when his numbers got right, and if he wanted to lease in our area that he should go to our local attorney and work up at least a basic lease. Never heard from him again once he realized he would have to deal with us through an attorney.