Lone Wolf/Newfield

About 5 months ago, i received a letter from a company called Lone Wolf saying they were working to identify heirs who had mineral rights to an area where Newfield had drilled a well. I filled out a bunch of paper work and sent it back and have heard nothing back… I’ve sent follow-up inquires to both Lone Wolf and Newfield and have not received a response. Any idea what could be going on? The well is supposedly in the Myton area. I know my share may be small, but I’m curious if this whole thing is legitimate. Thanks.

Newfield sold their interest to Encana, so its likely the ball got dropped somewhere. Either Encana is no longer interested, the person working on this is no longer there, it got dropped to last priority or something else entirely. If it is legitimate, I imagine Encana will be reaching back out to you at some point.

If the well has been drilled and is producing, then by law, they must pay all mineral owners. Normal time frame is about six months after first sales. Not sure what Utah law is, but some states have statutory interest if they are late in paying.

Thanks you for the responses! I will reach out to Encana and see if they can provide any information.