Location of production

I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. A little over two years ago a well was drilled southeast of us. We got a division order and have been receiving compensation for production. My question is if there is a way to find out where the production is coming from in our section? It was a horizontal well. We own part of the minerals under our land and we also own minerals in land in the same section that the surface is owned by another member of the family. I hope my post is not too confusing. Thank you for any help.

Do you want to know the formation under your section it is coming from or if they drilled under another section for production. Do you have the sections,township, and range and I can look it up.

The legals for where the well was drilled is Section 32, Township 19 N, Range 18W. We own the Northwest Quarter of Section 29, Township 19N, Range 18W and the family member owns the Southwest Quarter of Section 29, Township 19N, Range 18W. Basically I generally understand how horizontal drilling works, but would like to understand it more.

There is another well being drilled southwest of us and we have heard from one person they came in our direction and from another person that they drilled in another direction. They are in the process of putting a pipeline across our family's place from the second well. They did the fracing (sp?) last week. Is there anyway of finding the direction they went on this second well. I also have the legals on it. They are Secion 30, Township 19N, Range 18W.

Thank you for your quick reply and your help.

I do some looking.

Thanks so much.

Here is some info on the last well . It looks like they drilled one horizontal before and plugged it back and made a vertical out of it about 07 or 08 . Still looking. Click on this link and look it over and I will get some more info.http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Well%20Records/1DCF36FF.pdf

Do you know anything about them drilling a well from 29 under 20 ?

I haven't heard anything. Have you found something that shows they are? If so, do you know which quarter of the section it would be from?

I looked at the link you supplied. Thanks so much for that. I have a question pertaining to it. Our 160 acres was leased about six years ago for a three year period. At that time we knew we had sixty acres of minerals. In our mortgage it states we have sixty acres undivided out of 320 acres. When we leased it, I was visiting with the representative of the company. He said that according to the title search they performed, we own twenty acres in our place and we own forty acres in the land our family member owns. He said our family member owns twenty on his place and forty on ours. I know one of the ancestors placed some in a cooperative pool, and the rest they sold to various people. Now my question. Since it is a spacing of 640 acres, does that mean that we are receiving compensation on all sixty acres, or because as far as I can tell, the "hole" is under our land, that we are only receiving compensation on the twenty acres of minerals on our land?

I appreciate your time and am looking forward to hearing if you have any news about a well from 29 to under 20.

I made a mistake when looking at the document. The "hole" is in the quarter east of us. So, I guess that tells me that the compensation we receive is for all the royalties we hold.

Yes if it is 640 spacing you would get paid on all of the royalties you hold under that section. I will try to get you some more information, but it will likely be some time tomorrow.

Sorry I haven't got back on sooner. My husband said that they did drill one on 29 that went under 20 and it was a dry hole. I didn't remember it until I asked him. Thanks again for your help.