Location of mineral rights

My wife is the heir to a royalty share from an existing well operated by Chico productions. as part of a 40 acre tract that was divided between her mother and and 2 siblings. The well was part of a 40 ac. unit. Her mother also had sole ownership of rights to an additional 40 ac. and left my wife and her sister ownership. There is no lease on that 40 ac. How can I locate these tracts on a map. I can see the well on google earth as well as info on the RRC GIS map. I would like to be able to map the 2 parcels but all I have is the descriptions from the original grants.

The North 40 and south 40 acres of the East 80 acres of the Southwest Quarter Section of Section No 10, Limestone County School Land Survey Abstract No. 421 Montague County

I know they are located NE of the intersection of HWY 81 and East RC Road.


I would think you could contact the Montague County Clerks office and purchase a plat map of the county to view your minerals. Link to Montague county Clerks office:


Clint Liles

Try the Texas GLO map.