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I have recently inherited mineral rights to 18 acres of land in Panola County. I don't live in the area. Is there a way that I can search a map to see where it is located? I don't even know what that type of map is called or where to look.


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If you can supply the legal description....Section, block or Abstract number I will be glad to post a map of the location of your minerals acreage.


Clint Liles

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Charles Emery Tooke III

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Fort Worth, Texas

This is all I know:

36.00 acres of land, being part of the Calvin McCormick Survey, A-453, and the .A. Vansickle Survey, A-696, Panola County, and being the same land described as First Tract in that certain Gift Deed dated February 3, 2001 as recorded in Public Records of Panola Couny.

I have 18 of the 36 acres.


If you don't have a copy of your Gift Deed, you'll need to make a trip to the Panola County Courthouse to locate the Gift Deed, or hire someone to locate the Deed for you. You'll need a Volume Number and Page Number to reference the Gift Deed recordation. You can also locate the Deed using the Deed Office's Index Books and the Deed's execution date (which you mentioned above), plus the Grantor's or Grantee's name. The Deed will have metes and bounds noted. That should provide information on exactly where your mineral tract is located along with your mineral reservation language.

Another option is is use the Texas Land Records site to search for the Gift Deed. Again, you need to have the information referenced above. The Link is: https://www.texaslandrecords.com.

Select Panola County to search.

If you know who currently owns the surface, you can go to Panola County Tax Assessor's website and search for the Owner's name and property holdings. Usually a map is associated with each property. The Panola County Link is: http://www.panolacountytax.org/search.aspx?clientid=panolacounty.

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I researched the County Clerk's Records available through www.texasfile.com and found the attached entries, but none of them are from 2001 and none of them appear to effect your lands.

I also prepared the second pdf attached using information and maps available through www.DrillingInfo.com that should help you locate your lands. If you had the metes and bounds description, I could probably figure out which of the three possible 36 acre tracts I have indicated is yours.

The two pages about the 2006 & 2007 Leases were the only "36 acre" leases I found on DrillingInfo. They both reference Volume 81, Page 639 DR, which to me appears to be a Partition Deed or something similar, where the separate 36 acre tracts were created, but TexasFile's online records only go back to 1/2/1947 so I was unable to download a copy for you.

There are no currently producing Oil and Gas Wells on or including your lands. The area appears to be more Gas lands than Oil lands. The only presently producing Well in the immediate area is the Todd No. 1 (the Permit Plat I included). It presently only produces a little over 250 MCFD (barely supporting itself).

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Tannie, Mr. Tooke is correct. The good news is the survey for the unit was done by Mark Patheal who owns ArkLaTex survey in Marshall and has always been good to work with. As Mr. Tooke said the old Todd Unit shows the 36 acre tracts. You might want to call Mark and ask him what would be the fee to plot in your tract and send you a location map. Kathy

Thanks for your help, I will see what I can come up with.


Sorry, I don't have that info. Thanks for the help