Location info help

Im trying to find these following places and owner history this is the info I have: #1.) Hamiter T-599 not sure if this is in Henderson or Kaufman county. #2.) D.O. WILLIAMS SURVEY #3.)Edward Fitzgerald survey #4.)green lee survey #5.I think name has changed for this well from the description on conveyance that I have. Humble oil and refinery’s Ham Gossett oil unit 1 Prarieville (Woodbine) Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Thanks Clint I appreciate the information. I’m working on claim with Texas comptroller in order to recover 4 accounts that should be holding production since 1993. In order to satisfy the comptrollers office they have requested an overwhelming task for me to provide description for each account.They couldn’t even tell me we’re to look.However I have been, and still currently searching every county for Land oil gas and mineral ownership my father owned. He passed when I was 10 and then in 1995 my grandmother passed and I was cut off from my fathers side of the family all together by my uncles doing. All over his greed and he stole my dads estate with erroneouse affidavit of Heirship and then altered grandmothers will before he submitted it to probate as administrator to her estate while on felony probation for fraud. Blows my mind how much fraud he got away with and a few million. The documents I have show my father owned Land oil gas interest in the list of places I posted . I’m sure the accounts the comptroller is holding are for the past production cause all 4 accounts have different oil companies. What about the Edward Fitzgerald And the ham Gossett locations are these located in Kaufman or Henderson. Those 2 counties are we’re I’ve found erroneouse Afffidavit of Heirship that my uncle used. Also the Hamm Gossett oil unit #1 prairieville woodbine. Is that on the Hendricks lease?

I have found it difficult in producing/providing support to the Texas Comptroller’s Office for unclaimed property. Alternatively, when you look at unclaimed property and see who the remitter was, you might go to them first to clear up the current hold and then from their provide that clean up to Texas Comptroller as your support.

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