Location exception

The Court date on 201900330 has gone and passed.its been going on for two years.usely they put a New date when it has been continued.,but this time it shows nothing.they meet on location exception. Any help would be appreciated on this matter 34 02 n 03w Garvin Co.

Unfortunately, the docket result webpage had a reboot and the early part of 2020 appears to be missing. Usually, they put the reschedule dates on the court docket notes, but I do not see it in this case.

Given the chaos of last year and the financial situation of many companies, this may have gotten delayed. There has been continuing leasing in the section by Meadows, Ace and Continental, so seems like there is still interest. I have acreage nearby that expires soon and I have had calls to lease again, so patience is probably needed.

A bit of history… 89 Energy merged with Camino Natural Resources in 2017. As of 6/19/19, 89 Energy took over the day-to-day operations of Castell Oil Company. A lot of leases in that area were transferred from Castell to Camino on 7/20/20. There may have been a buyout since then, so just hang tight until things get settled.

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Thank you for the info.I was wondering why I couldn’t see what happened, Thank you so much.

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