Locating Minerals on a map

Hello folks, I’ve become aware I inherited some mineral rights in Coal County and don’t even know how to find the location of the land on a map. One such right is on Section 23-2N-9E. Is there an online map I could consult? Is there something I should read to gain some perspective on the world of mineral rights?

Thanks much, Tom PS If you were in grade school in Coalgate circa 1955 I was probably your classmate.

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You may find this map helpful. See below.

The Mineral Help tab above is a good starting place. Read the last few months of postings from Coal County.

Also, you might want to check out NARO, the National Association of Royalty Owners. Their website is www.naro-us.org. They have materials for new mineral owners. Webinars are available for $25 each. If you become a member in a certain time frame, they will credit the $25 toward a membership and then you have access to all the webinars for free after that. The Oklahoma Chapter plans on having a convention May 3-5 in OKC next spring.

Coal County Map.pdf (335.6 KB)

I think you are about here:

Hell M_Barnes,

Thank you for the helpful information. I have filed the “Division Orders” for the seemingly microscopic rights I have inherited. Once I know whether the dollars involved are meaningful, I will be digging deeper into the mineral rights world.

Best, Tom Gladd

Hello Richard_Winblad,

Thank you for the map. It’s very interesting to associate some numbers on a piece of paper with a real place from my childhood.

Best, Tom Gladd

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