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Any leasing going on in Livingston?

Hilcorp is drilling one now at Hwy 190 & Eden Church Road You can see it from the Carwash at the first crossroad down EdenChurch (Denham). You can google Tusc 16700 RA SUH to find the info.

There are over 400 oil wells in Livingston Parish.
2nd link has link to your well (to verify production).
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My family has interest in 8-8S-6E & 27,28-7S-6E. Does anyone know of a company leasing in these sections?


We have a lease near gaylord/lockhart lane...SEC31-6-4. It's with Strand energy...what's going on near me?

sorry...not familiar with reading the maps.

Chad, Yours sounds like DSCC#1 (Denham Springs Country Club #1). I suggest that you talk with the landmen on the 's Livingston parish forum.

Thanks. I'll try that.

I'm reading today that the DSCC#1 (Denham Springs Country Club #1) well was a bust (dry hole). They also just attempted to revive the old neighboring DavidsonBuckle#2 well off Cockerham Dr, but not good news, yet, there either.

Anyone no of wells near or on the Pleasure Point Camp Site in Maurepeas, LA Livingston Parash