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My rights have not been leased in many years. How can I learn about activity there?

Has anyone else been contacted recently by a DCP-Midstream agent about their possibly locating a natural gas pipeline along their properties? Does anyone have any helpful pointers as to negotiating with such companies as this?

Has anyone been contacted by a TexStar Midstream Services agent about a proposed pipeline being located across Live Oak and McMullen Counties? ??? It’ll apparently run from Frio County to Three Rivers, TX. I’d like to know the local FMV per linear foot which should be paid the landowners for their installing these new, various-sized, oil and gas transmission pipelines…

I got a letter today from Seitel Data requesting permission to do seismic mapping work on our Live Oak and McMullen County property -- for $15/acre -- in connection with their "44 square mile Choke Canyon Reservoir 3D Survey". Has anyone else dealt with this seismic data company (or others like it) in the past? What are the pros and cons? I imagine it'd turn our property's virgin brush areas into a checkerboard grid of ripped-out vegetation.... Is $15/acre a reasonable offer?

are there any new wells are permits issued for live oak co

I have a share in mineral rights in an area of south live oak county-not sure exact location.Choice exploration is preparing a lease so they can drill.Does anyone know the reputation of Choice and if oil production is good in southwest live oak county?

Greetings, all. Are any of you folks fortunate enough to already be getting any Eagle Ford Shale oil & gas production here within Live Oak County? My family's property (located just north of the Choke Canyon Lake) hasn't been drilled yet, but we have hopes that the drilling may start relatively soon. Any information that you can please share as to Live Oak County's Eagle Ford Shale horizontal wells': approximate locations; natural gas vs. gas condensate vs. oil production ratios; initial production rates; production decline info; etc. would certainly be interesting to hear about if it isn't confidential information. Many thanks for your possible help with this Eagle Ford Shale news sharing.

Talisman Energy USA is looking to drill (spud) an Eagle Ford Shale well on the Chestnutt Ranch in Live Oak County on Monday, June 4th. Fingers crossed -- both for them and for their mineral rights owners!

What is the going rate for pipeline easement in Live Oak County?

We just got $35/linear ft. 12" line including damages. Nustar.

$35/linear foot sounds about right -- we'd accepted $30 for a 12" line about a year ago, not including the company's re-seeding, etc. obligations.

Thanks so much for the information. We are beginning negotiations with the

company and the $35 per linear foot gives us a starting place.

we leased to TexStar actually very happy with them, did a hell of a job and didn't go through Hindes San Miguel after all.Kool!

That Seitel sure gets around.

I was wonder if anybody has heard of any activity around Calihan State Park. Also if anybody has heard of any seismographic in the water of Choke Canyon

We've been approached to lease our 480 acres for oil & gas. I'd like to know what others were able to negotiate. Feel free to respond here, or email me directly if you prefer not to provide details in the open. Thank you.

Hello, my name is Tim Terry and I’m looking for 5-10 acres to possibly have an swd built on the property. Preferably to buy the land, but may be open to a conversation about leasing. Please call/text me at 512-791-2499. Looking around three rivers/whitsett area. Thanks.

We have received a new lease offer for 282 acres in the John Turner Survey A-38, A19 area under the reservoir. This is our second lease and I am wondering what negotiation rates are currently. It's been awhile since our last and I am wondering if we can counter? Feel free to respond or email me directly at Any advice or assistance is appreciated.