Live in Texas, and have mineral rights in Oklahoma, and possibly Texas

Hi there,

My name is Denise, and my grandfather passed away several years ago, and while in Oklahoma I found mineral rights and deeds, and I am not sure what to do, but while in OK, I went to the court house's hopefully made sure that I put the rights in my name. Not sure, how many there are, and if I even did it right.

I would like to investigate these deeds and the rights that I have. I live in the Austin area here in Texas, and would love to know what I should do, or who I can talk to.

It's been on my mind for awhile now, and would love some closure if I have nothing, but if I have something, I would sure love to know.

Much thanks,


I can recommend a landman to you to determine the actual status of your mineral estate. You may also have probate issues . I know a lot of of landmen, but the one whom I trust most is Lyle Stanka, in Yukon I believe. He pulled me out of a pickle when another landman simply wasn't getting the job done when I hired him to ID a large estate that I was appraising. I have an email address but don't like to post those, so send me a message or check phone book in OKC area

not necessarily in any order-

1. You will have to probate your grandfather's estate (and possibly your mother or father) in Oklahoma to get clear title to the minerals.

2. You might be able to find references, depending on the age of the documents, in This covers numerous sections and lists leases, deeds, etc.

3. You should check the unclaimed property fund in Oklahoma and texas to see if your grandfather's name is listed. If so, then there is probably production on one or more of the tracts. You should also check the state where your grandfather was a resident of at the time of his life.

4. you should check the mineral owner escrow account on the occ website. That would show whether your grandfather was pooled in a unit.