Lithium Lease Terms

Does anyone know about Lithium leases, royalties, and bonus payments. Is it the same as oil, gas, and brine.

Lithium leasing is fairly new. It is likely to have some new things to learn. There are several other posts on the forum with that topic. Best to contact a good attorney to read any draft leases. You might want an oil and gas lease with certain wording and a lithium lease with different wording.


The laws may need to catch up to lithium leasing. In many states, any brine aquifers belong to the surface owner. Water that comes back out of the hole with oil and gas may be owned by the mineral owner or the operator and may vary by state. Enter this new situation with caution and a good attorney.

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Please read the article in Arkansas for information about the standard lithium company, it’s not much a believe it’s around 60 dollars, it’s set by the state! Good luck

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