Linton Reeves 1945 Map Test

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OH MY!! I’m so excited. You did it, Kenny. This is just great. Now anyone can see their Section and Block any time they want. Now all we need to do is somehow transfer people from my old thread to the new map, or maybe just delete my old thread?? Thanks so much, this addition is just super. Linton

By the way, I’ve had people ask where the interstate highways are, etc, and have to remind them it is a 1945 map. Linton

a. remember, all we are doing here in this TESTING site will be wiped away within (likely) a few days, so upon disabling the old site, such that ONLY the new improved site will be live, then you can create a Topic on this matter, and simply paste in your dropbox link.

Sounds good. Looking forward to the new site being up and running. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the testing. Linton