Linn/Berry Petroleum

Hi everyone,

Has anyone with Linn/Berry received a general "Ladies & Gentlemen" letter requesting a W-9?

We spoke with our attorney and he said many people have received this letter stating that Berry is no longer affiliated with Linn and been very confused.

Thought I would check with ya'll and see what you have received a letter


Berry has been spun off from Linn (ironic since Linn bought Berry in 2013). According to Berry, they will take over paying royalties that were being paid by Linn. Berry is headquartered in Bakersfield CA and appears to be legit. For more info, google Linn/BerryPetroleum.

All of their royalties?

Linn took over XTO and Pioneer. Since then our royalties have dwindled to 1/3 of what they were the day Linn took over.

I recommend you call Berry Petroleum at the number they gave in the letter. If you did not receive the letter or can’t find it, I’d look up Berry Petroleum in Bakersfield California and ask for Owner Relations. That should clear things up for you. good luck