Lincoln Energy Partners?

I’m entertaining a lease offer from Lincoln Energy Partners for signing bonus of $500 per net Mineral acre. Land is in Section 5 & 6, T32, R69. Does anyone here know anything about Lincoln Energy Partners out of Denver and does anyone have an opinion about the offer rate? I’m not sure what the going rates/ acre are for leases in this area. Also do I need to include a clause about reasonable charges concerning gas compression, treatments, etc.? Our last lease declared that deductions should not exceed 20%. Feedback would be welcome,

Welcome to the forum! You will probably have a better chance at answers if you post your question in the correct state and county where your minerals are. Use the New Topic and then scroll down the categories until you find the correct state and then county. This current category is for the whole country, so the local folks with knowledge may not be watching it. You probably will need to make some adjustments to the lease, but the local folks can help you on that.