Lincoln County Questions

Can anybody tell me what if/anything is going on in Lincoln, Co? I have a mineral owner who has acreage in 12N-2E, would like some input if property in/or around Sections 4,5,8 & 9 are producing or worth leasing.

There is some straight hole production in 12n-2e and they have drilled one horizontal in section 19. They have started drilling some horizontals in 13n-2e. There has been over 500 leases signed in 12n-2e from Jan. 2012 to now. Take your time and do your research. It looks like they are getting ready to start drilling some Horiz in 12n-2e. In 13n-2e there were 200 leases signed in the same time as above. I found a pooling for section 7-12n-2e where they were ordered to offer $175 for 1/8th , 150 for 3/16th or no cash and 1/5th.