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That’s a very large area.

If you could narrow it down to just a couple of sections, I could look it up for you on the Corporation Commission’s Website. Or if you don’t want to share publicly, send me an email.

Does anyone have information about current drilling or leasing activity in Lincoln County, especially in ranges 13N/2E and 14N/2E and 14N/3E which are in the vicinity of Wellston.

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Thanks for your offer of help.

I am particularly interested in

Section 7, 13N; 2E

18 14N, 3E

and 21, 14N, 3E

1 Gas Well in 7-13-2 operated by GLB Exploration

Several Wells in 18-14n-3e but all of them look non-producing.

Nothing recent in 21-14n-3e.

I did not see any permits for any of them.

New Dominion appears to be leasing as recently as october was the last recorded lease. I see you leased to them in February of 2011.

Cobra Petroleum was buying minerals in section 18-14-3 which is a good sign.

I am interested in any recent activity in Lincoln County OK Township 14N, Range 3E in the vicinity of Warwick.

Jerry, There is a pooling order hearing date in section 31. Leases in the last year in sections 8,17,30,31,36

Has anyone been contacted on or around Township 17North, Range 5 East?


It looks like it is a normal spacing and pooling hearing to drill a well. It looks like a 320 acre pool in the south 1/2 of section 30. April 9 is the date. It does not look like it impacts section 30. You should be able to pull it up on OCC web site. Numbers 201201734/5

Rick, I am in section 30. When is the hearing and what is the hearing for?

Calyx has also made an offer on 17 N- 5E

Thanks Jerry. Do you have other offers on that parcel? They offered us $150/.1875 or $100/.2 but I know nothing about the pooling. TNB (

Can anyone direct me to a Lincoln county platt map online? We have interests in a number of parcels but the one in question at the moment is the NW/4 of Section 26-16N-06E. Calyx has made me an offer but… Any insight would be greatly appreciated. TNB

No other offers at this time. Have you had other offers? They offered the same. How long have you been dealing with Calyx?

Any information on these properties? I’ll post if something comes up on my partial interest in these Murphy properties.









**This is our second offer from Calyx and with just a short letter. The first offer had a lease with it. **

Jerry, Were your offers through a John Cotter with Universal Land Services? Why the second offer? What they sent me was a yes or no, sign your name form, without terms on the lease form. Is that normal?

Jerry, This is the first lease offer we have have had on this property. We have not dealt with Calyx, they sent the offer less than a week ago. I should say that Calyx is very active in Pawnee, Payne, and Lincoln counties according to this forum. I follow the Payne forum also.

The lease they sent me was unusually short on details. I’m not sure what to make of that. Please let me know if they adjust their offer and I will do the same.

By the way, anyone related to the Thomas Murphy who came to Lincoln county about 100 years ago, please contact me at

Jerry, Universal must have overlooked sending us the actual lease but I have one that is more to my liking. Whether they will accept it is another question.

Thanks again for the help, I’ll post the results of my talks with Universal.