Limestone County

My sibs and I have interest in 33 natural gas wells in Limestone County, leased by XTO for many, many years. passed down to us via our Greatgrandfather. I would like to get some idea of what these wells would sell for. Also, here’s my gripe which is the same as many other’s. Why the heck should XTO charge me for the cost of doing THEIR business? In other words, why should I absorb the cost of prepping the natural gas for them to sell to THEMSELVES (they have their own subsids, hence control market price!) where they make huge profits and we make peanuts? Why do these cases always lose in the courts? If not for the raw product, they would not have a commodity to sell. Please help!!

I would direct and ask your question to Buddy Cotten. Good luck, Pat

Mary Lisa…

You have the Texas Supreme Court to blame for that…The Supremes are in the pocket of the big oil producers and can get anything done they want…when these Supremes are re-elected watch who contributes the most to their coffers. smiley-wagging-his-finger-saying-no-emoticon

Yes, it makes my blood boil also that our elected officials do this to the mineral owners.


Clint Liles

Clint Liles was, also, an excellent source to ask. Good luck, Pat