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Does anyone know about a new well being drilled south of CR 788 (Box Church Community)? It is to the south of our property…probably Devon is operator.

I don’t know about a specific well, but I know Devon is very active in that area. Our mineral rights are in the Chavert survey, along the northern shore of Lake Limestone.

We are property owners with mineral rights. Our land is on the southmost line of the Acosta Survey. The sticker is--SM Energy has our leases, and years ago the pool line left off 38 of our acres (my grandparents time). Now there is activity all around, but we cannot collect on those 30+ acres. This well looks to be just to the south of our property. I am going over there this weekend and will track it down. Just wondering if anyone knew any specifics.

My grandmother willed her mineral rights in Limestone County to me and my two sisters back in 1986. She owned 1/2th of the mineral rights to a 66.10 acre tract of land located in Abstract 104, J Copeland Survey. Does anyone know the best way to research who owns the other 1/2 interest? I'm assumming the other 1/2 stayed with her family members that owned the real property interest. The family since sold the land to another family that owned an adjacent parcel. I'm trying to find out if there has been any interest in the area to purchase or lease mineral rights.

I've had a recent offer to purchase these rights from Phillips Energy.

I have found two mineral deeds in my deceased father-in-law's papers. He has been gone since 1966 (intestate), as has his wife (intestate) and only daughter (my wife, testate). I wonder if it is worth the time and trouble to clear up my title to these interests. Any thing going on? The property descriptions are hazy; one references the Pedro Varela Survey with Deed records reference, the other is referenced by previous land sales without Section reference. Both filed in late '20s early '30s.

I just heard today....leasing in Limestone for oil in Shiloh area. Thats about 5 miles SE of Mexia. Heard $450. an acre.

Shirley: I have no idea where these mineral rights are located, but guess they would be in the vicinity of Mexia. He was a physician in Mexia at that time. Thanks for the info. Any idea who is doing the leasing?

Don't know..they did not tell me.

Not sure how many acres are involved, but I would suggest getting it titled in your name. It can be done with an affidavit of heirship, but I would spend the time to get good legal descriptions. There is a video tutorial on the home page that shows you how to check the RRC website.

Thanks, Wade. We cleared title to one of his leaseholds in Texas, and it was truly complicated. I'll check the tutorial.

Wade: I couldn't locate the tutorial. What is the RRC website?

Towards the bottom of the home page under videos.

RRC=Railroad Commision

Anyone know the SecTwnRng descriptor for Mexia?

Try the General Land Office map on their website.

Wade: Thanks. Kevin Krause is helping.

Anyone know anything about "Sampson Energy, Inc. " out of Carrollton, TX?

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Supply Co Electra,Texas vs. Sampson Energy Inc., Carrollton,Tx. $986.96

May,6,2013 Times Record News Wichita Falls,Texas OS&S Operating Inc. vs. Sampson Energy Inc.Carrollton,Texas. 25,648.09 /v3853 P342