Lime Rock Resources buys BP Leases?

Just saw the 1073 form showing Lime Rock purchased my lease from BP in September. Which might explain why royalty check is late. Haven’t received any official documents from Lime Rock Resources. Suggestions on who or how to contact Lime Rock?

the 1073 form has their address on it. Given that they have thousands and thousands of folks to go through, it will take a while. Usually, new companies send a division order.

Thank you M_Barnes. I have that and have gone to their owner relations area of their website. Was hoping for a shortcut to get to a person LOL Thanks again and will keep looking for docs to arrive.

I assume I will receive something in the mail if mine sold from BP to Lime Rock? My royalty payment was wayyyy down recently from recent payouts. ??

According to OCC website, lease was sold on 9/21/2019. I haven’t received anything yet. Finally started snooping around when this months check was a week late and nothing showing on OILDEX. Good luck!

Unfortunately checks will continue to drop as a very large percentage of the horizontal wells have an 80% decline rate in the first year. That, along with continued low natural gas and oil prices, make these wells barely economical to drill, complete & operate. That is why there have been so many bankruptcies and you see players like BP getting out.

Rockwood 6N 1W 31 1HX McClain County - I received one check dated 2/25/19 from BP and haven’t received anything since. Found on the Oklahoma Commission site my well has been transferred to Lime Rock Resources. I had called BP this summer regarding no check and they said I hadn’t reached the $100 mark. How do I check on what is being produced?

You can watch production on the OK Tax site. You can use the well name to hunt. Gross Production

Once you get the new DO from Limerick, you can change the minimum payment to $25.