Lifetime Lease Owner Rights

A lifetime lease was signed by my great grandfather in 1968 in Roger Mills County. Several companies have taken over that lease over the years. Is there anything that can be done to break that lease? I current operator is “parking” on the lease. Thanks in advance for any help.

Never heard of such a thing, but I assume your Great Grandfather is no longer living, so his “lifetime” is over. You need to supply a little more information.

Welcome to the forum, Cathy. I also have never heard of a lifetime lease either. Do you have a copy of it?

What section, township and range? What do you mean by “lifetime”? Lifetime of your great grandfather, life of the well, etc. Most leases have a primary term of three or so years and then a secondary term for the “lifetime of production” from the lease in the secondary term. Do you have a copy of the lease where it says “lifetime” as I have never heard of a lease having that word. Are you really talking about a deed? Do you have a book and page number where it is filed?

Sorry I just now saw this, I will find it and post it