Signed a lease in 2016 have dealt with numerous individuals and still shuffling paperwork is this normal? The last lease on this land was years ago and not this drawn out.

Have they not paid your bonus? That is highly unusual. I've never signed a lease where I wasn't paid within a day or two after executing the lease. I also hold the original of the OGL until they've wired the money. Where is your property located?

That is not normal. You should file an affidavit of non payment. and then you can release them. I just worked with a great company for some of my properties. let me know if you want their contact info. or they have a website too.

Have a family member with the same thing happening. Lease has even been filed in Burke county but still no signing bonus paid. The check being cut time after time story. Lease signed in Feb.2017

Signed a lease for Burke and still have received nothing from them.

Duane sounds just like mine!