Liability of landowners

Hi good day. Can landowner be sued jointly with leaseholder or producer?


I came here today specifically for this answer too. I have several oil & gas wells on my ranch actively leaking oil and gas, one is just an open hole in the ground. It has been this way for years, the operators are long gone. These wells are on the RRC plugging list, but the RRC is overwhelmed and won’t get to them until they are really flowing. I want to allow people to use our ranch for fun, but I need to know more about my liability. I also have power poles falling over, abandoned pipes, tank batteries and pump jacks.

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In Texas there are a group of laws that came into effect a few year’s ago protecting landowners from liability if a person is hurt while hunting or other recreational uses. But the requirements are to have signs up that can be bought from the State OF Texas. It is known as: Chapter 75A. The signs say "Warning: Under Texas Law (Chapter 75A, Civil Practice and Remedies Code), Anj Agritourism Entity is Not Liable for any injury to or Death of Agritourism Participant Resulting From an Agritourism Activity. Google the Chapter 75A Texas Law.

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Ecxellent replies. More specifically in Oklahoma mcclain county we just had an incident. Cost Us a fine young man

Absolutely. A positive for agricultural land owners. It will be interesting to know if this also covers things like harm from vapor gas from a leaking oil well, falling utility poles that are property of the mineral estate or abandoned, open oil and gas well holes in the ground, unconnected pump jacks, unsecured drill pipe and sucker rod. Gas and vapor from tank batteries, etc. Perhaps an insurance company would be a good source of that information.

Or fracing next door

What State is your land located? A farm and ranch owners insurance policy is a good idea also. Most of these insurance companies don’t want to insure for recreational accidents. In some cases a separate policy might be needed.

Thank u it’s oklahomie. I am trying to avoid silicosis. Yes farm and ranch policy of the landowner.

You may not be liable for the well clean up. You should be cautious about allowing people to come on your property that in some manner benefits you since you have a reason to believe the old wells may present a hazard to their health. This is not legal advice. You should speak to an attorney on this issue.

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It’s just unhealthy for people living near the drilling fracing and production. Silica sand everywhere. Every time you walk in yard you pick up silica dust. Mowing blows silica dust. The diesel exhaust. Noise. Silicosis is not a pleasant death

With all the wells drilled since fracking began in 1949, can you tell us how many deaths on, near or around drilling sites have been attributed to silicosis?

Google silicosis. Than choose cause of feath

Fracing not fracking

I’m drilling operations fuel spills. Brake dust. Barite bentonite chrome log. Quebracho. Noise

  • Complications from silicosis can include tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, autoimmune disorders and kidney disease
  • There is no cure for silicosis, but treatment is available, and employers and workers can take steps to prevent it.

Especially bad for young children old people and preexisting

Its clear that you are outraged at the new well being drilled close to your house, dont blame ya, as the noise would drive me crazy. After a quick search of the google, it seems that it takes years of heavy exposure, to cause harm. A “frack job” (when silica is used) generally takes 3-5 days and companies have made major strides since the articles you are likely reading from 2011-13.

16000 ft lateral takes a month of solid fracing. 247. And two wells. That’s 2 solids months of fracing. At 90db. Plus refracts plus clean outs. If a Frac screens out you have to wash 15000 ft of sand and it blows out the pit

Just sayin. It’s ultra risky activity

Plus spreading mud on the ground