Letters received from Staghorn Petro. re Horizontal Wells application

Our family just received 4 letters re. horizontal wells/Relief Sought: 1. Increase Well Density (Part of a Multiunit Horizontal Well) Caddo Section 4, Township 9 North, Range 11 W 2. Relief sought: Exception of OAC. 165:5-7-6(h) Sec 33, Township 10 N, Range 11 W Caddo. 3. Relief Sought: Multiunit Horizontal Well: Section 33, Township 10 N, Range 11 W, and Section 4, Township 9 N, Range 11 W, Caddo 4. Relief Sought: Increased well density (Part of a Multiunit Horizontal Well) Section 4, Township 9 N, Range 11 West, Caddo. All letters are from Barnes Law representing Staghorn Petroleum II, LLC. I assume this is to let owners know of their intentions and to get OK permission? Also do we need to do anything? Thanks for all your great info and guidance. Dean Anderson

I am not sure what “relief sought” means, but our rights are very near yours and I would love to learn what that means as well. I was just down in caddo county last friday looking around. I know one Lynx Operating LLC had a meeting with the OCC this month to get approval to drill on section 18 and 19, township 9. we are section 17, so very interested in what’s happening. I visited that area friday and saw nothing as of yet.

Welcome to the forum. This is normal operating procedure. Every well that is drilled must go through the OCC and notify the mineral owners. They are planning to drill a horizontal well with section 4 and north into 33. You do not have to do anything, but would encourage you to hang onto the paperwork. When the hearings are done, there will be useful exhibits that you will want to put into your files. You can follow the documents and get them digitally at the OCC OAP website. Type in the case number to get everything. https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/imaging/OAP.aspx

Scott- “relief sought” is what the Applicant wants to do and must get permission so to speak, from the Corporation Commission. So in #1 above, Staghorn is asking the commission to drill an Increase Density well. If the CC grants the relief, Staghorn can drill their well. If the relief is denied, Staghorn can’t drill the well.

Hope that helps you understand if even just a little bit.

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