Let's form a group and get a discount on DrillingInfo!

A subscription to DrillingInfo.com could help mineral interest owners manage their current interest and research new potential purchases. Unfortunately it's prohibitively expensive (over $2,100/year) unless you can join as a group and split the cost between members.


Is anyone interested in forming a group? I'm open to DI Basic or DI Plus (preferable), but want to limit the subscription to Texas (all counties). The costs would be evenly split among all of us and everyone would have their own accounts. Obviously more people in the group would translate into a lower cost per person. Free training is included with the membership.

If there is already a group like this, I'd love to know and possibly join. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

I have a monthly subscription to a new, new to me anyway, sit called mineralholders.com. I will have it for about another month and can look a few things for people, I think that is allowed. barron.tierney@aol.com

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I’ve always purchased minerals starting 5 years ago, the old fashion way, those mineral owners who are in distress sell at a discount.

How do you find distressed mineral owners?

I just got peoples requests, sorry for the delay, am looking up right now