Let's be constructive and work with this new software

Why don´t we try to be constructive and work with this new software? we need some of our anchors back Martha Brian Don Ron etc…


Trying to get back into all my groups.


So good to see you on here, Martha!

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Took me forever to figure out how to get back on the groups. One bathroom remodel, two AC units going out and two weddings slowed my oil & gas life down a bit. Hopefully back in the loop now…


Martha, I agree. By chance do you know how to get emails of new postings? I’ve tried everything. I get notices on the site, but no email notices to my email when someone posts in my groups. My name on the forum was even changed. I’ve tried the help section but no luck. I miss the daily email alerts of new postings!

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I had to set my notifications to WATCHING. I had to go back through a bunch of the Suggested Topics and reset every one of them.

that took a bit of ‘resetting’

Hope all is well Martha

Same here. Life has been hectic, but I miss my emails. Trying to figure this out so we can get back to chatting!

I am here. Just not getting all the notices yet. I check in every day or so. Martha