Leon County A26, A608, A616

Hello -

I’ll be visiting Texas in May 2023 and wanted to take the opportunity to speak with someone in-person about leasing mineral rights in Leon County, TX. (Attorney, landsman, locals?)

Earlier this year I was advised that my rights in A-26, A-608. and A-616, appear to be 8 to 10 miles southeast of the Surprise Valley leasing area.

I’m still a novice when it comes to using the RRC online tools, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Surprise Valley / San Saba drilling in Leon County is moving in the direction of those tracts and also a little advice on how / who to talk to in-person regarding leasing.

Thank you in advance.

You could call Surprise Valley Resources in Houston at 713-543-3373. Get an email address & name from them and send them the legal description (location) of where your minerals are located. Don’t stop until they put you through to the Landman or department that is in charge of that particular. Remember they are Landmen and subject to not telling the truth! Oil companies do not always file the forms and info in a timely fashion. Don’t always depend upon the RRC!