Legal Rights - Being Sued Over Cloudy Title in Karnes County TX

We were served by Burlington Resources regarding our ownership in mineral interests. They are suing 30+ individuals, etc. over interests. The title is cloudy and they are asking for declaratory relief. Burlington believes they have acquired the interests. This goes back to 1940’s. Our Great Grandfather was the second owner of the mineral interests.

Couple of questions for the experts out there:

  1. The documents say we have 20 days since the filing which was on 2/6 - we rec’d the documents on 2/21. It says we could lose our rights if we don’t respond. Can we lose the rights as they state? - given the short timeline we’re trying to determine
  2. Should we hire an attorney at this point? Or should we get a landman to look into this?
  3. Where can we find an attorney or landman (who isn’t tied) to the oil companies - who can provide us with accurate and honest information?
  4. What is the typical cost to defend these types of situations?
  5. If our Great Grandfather had the ownership as the second owner - does that imply we might own more of the percentage rights ?
  6. How do these cases get determined? Does a judge make a ruling or does it go to a jury?
  7. Any other suggestions you might have or things we should “watch out for”?

Thank you experts… we didn’t realize we had these interests until this paperwork was sent to us.


Yes, if you do not answer the lawsuit within the 20 days as it says, they can take a default judgment against you. The rest of the questions are too lengthy and too many variables to answer in a post.

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