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Thanks to everyone for their help. We are starting to get our hands around our mineral rights but it is time to find a lawyer to help with our Section 27 10N 9N rights. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Oklahoma?

Thanks for your help.

10N 9WorE?

Thanks for catching that. It is 10N 9W


Mineral rights investigation is a very huge field. If you are looking for title research, contact a real estate lawyer in the County Seat of find a CPL who only does title work in the area for a formal report.

If you need evaluations, find a petroleum geologist or engineer familiar with Caddo County. There might be one or two in Oregon but Oklahoma City is a good bet.

If you need help with a transaction or independent, high level legal needs, one of the best mineral attorney's in the country is at Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt in Portland; Frank Erisman. I've worked with him recently in OK.

Much depends on you specific needs.

Gary L Hutchinson

That was very helpful. Thanks so much.

Ross Gilbert out of Oklahoma City is an incredible lawyer and person.

Austin W. Brister might be brightest, innovative, and talented oil and gas lawyer that I have ever had the opportunity to get to know. He can explain complex legal oil & gas issues like I could explain how to turn on a lamp. Check out his blog and I can provide his personal cell if you need (just message me):