Legal direction needed

When you have a signed notarized, bill of sale, a minerals abstract done proving same, why would the state of nd require proof of intent? The seller is deceased. There are good wells producing in the Ambrose field. I’m afraid we will never see any royalties. Can anyone help?


You may be in a tax rolls problem. You didn't mention that an assignment was recorded as a result of the bill of sale. I suggest that you see a real estate lawyer in MN for a conversation about what must be done to get your name on a deed. If you are asking because the operator's land department is referencing a Division Order Title requirement, as the land department for the exact wording of the requiarement so you can have an attorney help you meet the requirement. See if you can find the personal representative of the seller just in case that person need to be petitioned for a signature on an assignment.

My recent experience with local lawyers and judges is very time consuming because of the huge backlogs. Your MN attorney will know a lawyer in Eastern ND that may help out as well. I can look up a name of a clients attorney in Jamestown if need be.

Good luck. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Death and Taxes are certain" or similar.

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Gary Thank you for your response. We have gone through two lawyers on this problem. The first one took the case until they felt they were strung too thin. The second one felt that it was beyond they’re capability but each one waited about 6 months before informing us.