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Hey everyone - My family has 160 net acres in Weld County, 9N, 61W that is currently unleased. We had a 5 year lease with Noble that ended several years ago and was not renewed. Things have been pretty stagnant since, especially last year, however, now it seems activity is starting to pick up again. We just received a packet from Noble, now Noble-Chevron, that is basically a Unitization Agreement, for a 17,000 acre unit that our holdings would be a part of, and we’re not sure what our best move is. I’m needing guidance from someone that specializes in this, that is, someone who is supportive of the mineral rights owner, and not the oil and drilling companies. Does anyone out there have any recommendations?

You can contact an oil and gas attorney in CO. You can go online to the National Association of Royalty owners and look up the Colorado Chapter and contact one of the officers and see if they can point you in the right direction.

I would contact Noble and ask them for a new lease Agreement. If it was my minerals, I wouldn’t want to be force pooled. In Colorado, large units are now common with the implementation of the new regulations. If they don’t make you a decent offer to lease, you can research other owners in the Unit and see if they will offer you a lease.

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