Leflore County Oklahoma Minerals


My name is Rocky and I own several minerals in Leflore County Oklahoma. I’m looking for the best way to gets these straight as I’m unsure where the legal descriptions are at, though I do have them. One thing I do know is I own the old Beautelschies Coal mine (325 acres). Any direction, help, or guidance to get these items leased would help greatly?

There have only been 28 leases in the entire county of LeFlore in the last 24 months. A set in 20-8N-26E with a pooling by Jasper Energy, one in sec 22-8N-26E, three in 2-7N-23E, three in 14-7N-23E, one in 19-7N-24E, three in 9-6N-23E with a location exception case back in 2017 . No leasing in 2019. Not an active area.

Would it not be active because they have not been able to get in contact with me?

Not active because not many companies are interested in the area. Make sure than your name and address are correctly filed with the county clerk in LeFLore. If interest ever comes back, they will be able to find you.

Okay great! Would it be recommend to get a landman involved to make sure everything is where it needs to be?

What brings interest back into the area?

I am not sure you need a landman. When did you inherit or buy? If you have a complete list of the minerals, then you can look up your name in the county courthouse and make sure everything is filed correctly. LeFlore is on www.okcountrecords.com

Oil is the main driver right now and if the potential reservoirs in your county are gassy, then not much interest right now. The big plays are in the shales that are the source rocks. LeFlore is not where folks are drilling right now. Sorry…

Okay! I was hoping there might be interest in the coal!

That is possible, but I am not up to speed on that. Do some research online in LeFlore and see if there is any production.

Thank you! Would you recomend a place to look where I could see that?

Thank You,

You can search Leflore County Here: https://okcountyrecords.com/search/leflore#advanced-search

Unfortunately, the last coal lease taken in Leflore were three leases in 2006. Prior to those three, the last coal leases were taken in 1996. In Oklahoma, coal exploration is somewhat limited to Haskell county.

Thank you! I hope this changes with me finally getting everything lined out with my information on this. I also have coal in Haskel county also!