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I own some small minerals out Ledbetter way , Enervest and XTO have them. Does anyone know if they are doing anything in that area? One well is Gas and OIl.

Activity in Lee County has been spotty. Some think that if an area has been productive in the Austin Chalk, it may not be a good prospect for shale production. Additionally, a lot of Lee County mineral acreage is HBP. Thus, there is no urgency in being the first or on the cutting edge to attempt to determine the technical requirements to successfully develop the area. Time will tell.

Thank you for the info. Does anyone know if Enervest is going to be doing any fracking on the Eagle ford shale?

I don’t think EnerVest currently has plans to attempt any “Eagle Ford” fracs in Lee County. I understand they will be doing conventional fracs as they conduct several per year on existing wells as needed.

Enervest’s prime emphasis seems to be working the Austin Chalk in this region. That said, in their investor presentations, they do state that much/most of their Austin Chalk acreage should be “prospective” for Eagle Ford production. The lion’s share of that acreage is HBP due to the Chalk wells, however, so they don’t seem to be in any hurry to begin development of those deeper Eagle Ford prospects.

There is a well 5 miles north of Lexington. Drilled around February, now abandoned. Anyone lnow the status?

I have a small tract in Lee Co., own 50% minerals, and have been contacted about leasing my rights to VENADO through a landman from Seguin, but no lease bonus is being offered. Haven't signed yet because my lawyer is looking at the lease agreement to advise me of what to do, but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same situation in Lee Co. ?

I have the same situation as Ron listed below. Venado oil & has is trying to renew a lease that we have. They are offering $300 per acre. Does anyone have any recent lease numbers in this area?

Where can I find a mineral deed form.

Help! What is going rate for pipeline easement about 50 feet wide in Lee County, Rx. I think it is has 17 rods. And the lease states permanent. Can I add an addendum after 10 years?


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