Lee County, Texas Leasing Activity

I have 130 unleased mineral acres in NE Lee County. Does anybody know if there is any current leasing activity in this area?


I have read that Holifield Oil Company is doing some drilling in the Giddings Field area. You might want to look them up on the web and possibly get some information in regards to leasing.

Thank you Charles. I am going to see what I can find out about them.

What town are your minerals near in NE Lee County. Most recent Eagle Ford maps also show that the EF Formation does continue Northward through just a bit over 1/2 of Lee County to the Eastern side.

Clayton Williams is active in new wells testing the Eagle Ford for this region.

3030-ClaytonWilliamsOctober2010.JPG (84.5 KB)

Does anyone have any updated information?

There is also a Lee county group over in the Texas counties groups. There has not been any activity there lately but it would be nice if more folks would join and put conversations like this there. I am watching this area for a close family friend who has about 95 acres somewhere east of Lexington Clayton Williams was very active in this county back during the Austin chalk boom of the 80s. I have also heard about some new drilling activity in the county. Seems there was a article about drilling near Elgin on the Rigzone website a month or two ago