Lee Co Lease Hold Interest?

Hi All, is anyone familiar with companies looking for production in Lee? I have just under 300 acres.? Any help is appreciated.


Christian, by your question, I assume you have mineral rights you want to lease?

Assuming that this is the case, location of the minerals is the key issue as to potential operator interest. One can literally cut Lee County in half as to prospectivity based on subsurface geology (in my opinion).

Taking a line drawn between Giddings and Caldwell, South / SW of the line has historically been very active and you should have no problem getting acreage leased.

But N/ NW of this line, prospectivity drops off significantly.

Where are your minerals located? Survey name and number would be best way to ID the location and allow for a search of nearby activity

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Hi Rock_Man,

It sounds like you know the cut off between the Giddings / Caldwell area. I have some interests in the Niels Peterson, Abstract 15, Giddings. Any chance you can point me to the right direction to see what’s happening there?

Thanks Katie