With the results of the election in, do you see any impact on leasing in Mckenzie County. My leases are up and wondering if I should wait until next year

Frank, I would be patient. There are some things that could happen with the new administration that would improve your position.

If I were a president who wanted to add jobs immediately, I would enact a little protectionism for domestic oil producers. A tariff on imported oil is I think, a possibility.

Where in McKenzie is your acreage?

T 149 R103 Sec 2

I don't expect monster wells in your area but there is good production. There are permits and multiple approved drilling locations in sections near you. They drill much better wells these days that cost only 2/3 of what they used to cost. Your next lease could very well be the last before you get a well.

I agree. It will probably be a while before that area gets drilled out, but with all the advances in technology that have occurred and will occur by the time real drilling hits that area the wells will probably be pretty impressive. Good luck!