Leasing Terry County Texas


I have mineral rights in Terry County, Texas. Prestige Exploration is wanting to lease, has anyone dealt with this company?


Am not familiar with Prestige, but was curious what they are paying to lease? I, too, have acreage in Terry County, but have not been contacted. Where is your acreage in Terry County?


They are paying 500. My property is SW of Meadow.


Sounds like a good offer per lease acre. My acreage is located East and Northeast of Meadow. I googled Prestige Exploration and did not find much. There is a Prestige Exploration out of Houston and a Prestige Exploration out of Lafayette, LA. I would like to be kept informed of what you find out and whether you proceed to lease. THANKS!


Okay. I am talking to the one in La. Like you I don’t find much on them.


If they have contacted you, I would think that they have contacted others in your area. Check and maybe together you can get some further info on the Company.