Leasing Question-NE Gonzales County, Texas

I own 286 acres in Gonzales County near the border of Fayette and Lavaca counties. I have the executive rights and majority of minerals. Has there been any leasing activity in this area for Eagle Ford? I have been approached for Austin Chalk after seismegraphic studies were conducted, but not Eagle Ford. Thanks for any input.

You are right on the edge of what may or may not be good Eagle Ford. Probably why you havent heard anything. There is plenty of Eagle Ford activity going on closer to the Fayette/Gonzales/Lavaca line & following the Gonzales/DeWitt line SW

thanks. i received an offer from Barrett Brothers for $200 per acres with 1/5th mineral royalties for Austin Chalk. they said they are a shallow driller and are not interested in the Eagle Ford and would carve it out of the contract. Not sure if its a good price. The rep with BB said they are interested in drilling two wells on the property. Maybe they all say that. I am new to this gameā€¦

You probably should consult a good oil and gas attorney or a local attorney that you are comfortable with that has at least some gas and oil leasing experience. You don't want to sign things that leave you unprotected in many different aspects not to mention a good lease per acre, royalty percentage, how the units will be sized, how long the lease is for, etc.

Here is a good blog that provides a lot of information. There is a lot there and a lot can be learned from it and it at least will give you an idea of how to start. Highly adviseable to seek competent advice on leasing. Look here:


The following is a Fayette County forum that has been going quite a long time and is getting quite lengthy: