Leasing Oil & Gas

I received a contract from Centennial Resource,would like to know if anyone has any history with the company and what kind of offers have been given on oil & gas in Reeves County.

Thanks Wayne

Suggest posting this in the Reeves general group or the one set up for lease offers in Reeves

Hi William...we recently leased approximately 6.5 acres for 10k per net mineral acre. What section are you leasing? We have some minerals that Centennial currently has three well permits on. We didn't lease with Centennial the lease was assigned by the original lessee so we never have had dealings with Centennial. Hope this helps.

Rick: I am in section 271 block 13 H &GN RR CO. They offed 3yr term 1/4 royalty 7.5K. Thanks for the info.

Yesterday, I received a letter of interest from Petro Guard in Houston to lease our mineral interests in Rapides Parish southeast of Glenmora. They are offering $500/net min. ac., for 3 yr. with right for additional 2 and 1/5 royalty. Does anyone know if this is in line and to date I am not seeing much activity in this area. Thank you.

Craig Hughes

We have 880 acres of mineral rights for lease in Roosevelt County, Mt. If your company is interested please contact me at 406-253-4450.

Township 29 North, Range 48 East, P.M.M. Section 10: S1/2 15: W1/2 16: S1/2NE1/4, SE1/4

Record Title Owner David and Gayle Sage

Record Mineral Ownership:

Benny Bee undivided 1/2 mineral interest Barbara A. Rada Schaeffer undivided 1/4 mineral interest Marie E. Rada Fleming undivided 1/4 mineral interest Jill Rada Keating undivided 1/4 mineral interest

Please contact me at 406-253-4450

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Buddy Cotten

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Update on Section 38 Block 52 T7S T&P survey. We successfully negotiated a lease with Centennial Today for the following terms:

15k pnma ¼ royalty 3 year lease Our complete addendum to the lease

Thought ya’ll might find this interesting.

WOOO HOOOOO Good for you. Thanks for the info.

Awesome, congrats on the 15K. things must be HOT in Blk 52. I hope that it expands to Blk C-18 in the next few years.