Leasing offers?

would love to know recent lease offers on properties in wilkinson county......received offer of 250/acre on 3 year lease with 250 acre/with 2 yr. option. 20% royalty. approx. 50 acres.

What area of Wilkinson County are you in? We have been haggling for months with $200 acre, $200 renewal and 1/4 royalty. The company will not budge. There is no doubt that we are being taken advantage of badly but what can you do. There are no better offers coming forth.

I contacted a company called Petroleum Partners. They are leasing for Encana. I am waiting for an offer. According to the woman I spoke with Encana is expanding their leasing in Wilkinson Co., that conversation happened about 3 weeks ago. I will update when I actually have an offer in hand. I only have 17 acres in Wilkinson Co. I am 18-13N-2W.

Somebody out there is leasing, why would anyone not be willing to help their neighbors?

Thanks for sharing, Jane.

Crosby Lumber recently leased a 1000 acres in the northern northern townships. If people would co-operate,

we could probably have the leasing price up to at least $500 acre by now. The way it is p;aying out, we are in the fairway of the most lucrative parts of the productive drilling area. See the website Tuscaloosa Trend and you will see what I am talking about. If you don't, let me know.

Bob Buie Sr

Just wanted to let you all know that I had a call from the Encana contact and was offered $300 and 1/5 royalty. I told her that I really am not worried about the bonus but will not sign for less than 1/4 royalty and language that will assure that I have no cost royalty. She said Encana is offering no more than 1/5 presently, I told her to give me a call when they did, I feel sure that will happen. I am originally from north Louisiana and have property in the Haynesville Shale. I am looking much more in the long run than the short gain.

Jane Welborn


I contacted Encana (and quite a few others) about leasing. Encana told me that they were not leasing in my area right now. I was flabbergasted because they are all over the top of me already. I only have 168 acres so they may be going after the larger tracts?

How large is your tract?


Very small, just under 18 acres. I spoke with Petroleum Partners. They are leasing for Encana. I contacted an email address on their website, contact@explorationland.com. I gave them my description and they called me back the next day. If you contact them I would prefer you do not use my name, I am hoping for better terms and would rather my name not be mentioned.



present offer is: 300/acre on 3 yr. lease with 250 acre/with 2 yr. option...20% royalty.........

After several months of inactivity, I got a call last night. I am supposed to receive details by e-mail in the next day or so. Anybody dealt with Stone Energy?

didn't accept latest off, please let us know what Stone Energy offers?

I am now discussing leases with a couple of companies (including Stone) in various parts of Wilkinson County. The best offer I'm getting for a lease bonus of $300 an acre is a 20% royalty. I think that if I took less on the bonus side (like $250), I could get the royalty increased (to like 25%). Are any of you getting better deals? Thoughts?


I have been dealing with Stone for several months and will share with you on here in a little while.......

Bob Buie Sr

Just began leasing in December 2012 with Merlin Oil & Gas …20% and 25%…only 16Acres Sec. 23&28 t1n-r1w

Just began leasing in December 2012 with Merlin Oil & Gas …20% and 25%…only 16Acres Sec. 23&28 t1n-r1w