Leasing & Mineral Value

My family owns minerals in Section 49, Block A-1, H&GN RR Co. Survey in Hemphill County and has been approached by an operator in the area to lease our minerals. What are the current leasing terms in the area? Also, what do minerals sell for in this area? Has anyone received offers to sell or lease their minerals? What were the terms of the offer?

I own minerals in Sec 0006 BLK 041 H&TC but I don’t know how near that is to yours. As with most royalty owners, I get letters often wanting me to sell. The latest was 55 XS an average of the last six months but I will not be selling. As many wells as there are in Hemphill County, you can probably find someone closer to your mineral acres. If this helps, here’s website: NeuDocs Enterprise Oil and Gas Well Records Key Search

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