Leasing mineral rights when active well already exists

I have signed a lease (with Devon, 2011) for mineral rights in Dewey County, OK. There’s a well on the property now but production has dropped dramatically - my royalties have dropped from several hundred dollars monthly to just over 100 dollars every three or four months. Now I have received a lease offer from a land man at a second company - Osage - seeking an exploration, mining, drilling lease for the same property. What would the consequences be if I were to agree to the second lease? Devon has indicated to me that they still have an active well. Thanks, Paul

Paul, in your lease with Devon, were there any zones/formations excluded? If you leased all to the center of the earth with Devon, you have nothing free to lease and you don't want to sign a lease with someone else for those same acres as you could be sued, not just to return the lease bonus but for all the money the lessee would have made from your acres.