Leasing interest in Gaines/Dawson County

My family owns OGM rights in Dawson and Gaines Counties. We were approched by a company interested in leasing but unfortunately the lawyer didn't forward it and the offer is now two months old. It is lower than what we previously received. N/2 of the SE 4A-323 Hutchinson County School Land. I have a long list of parcels but they are in the same basic vacinity. Any information on activity over there would be much appareciated

Have you looked on TX RRC site to see what sort of new activity may be taking place near your minerals?

No I'd not heard of this. We just broke out of a trust and are just learning. I'll check it out . Thank you

any of your stuff on/near the west side of the Adair Unit..three wells were permitted to drill, have no what their status is. (there was some decent stuff just north of the Adair Unit in this little thin strip.

I was doing some Landwork in Levelland today, talking to another oilman that had been around it since 1999 agreed only in saying he purchased a couple of small amount off of it and thinks it's more than decent but not up to mine but I told him about to purchase the hell out of that quarter of a section..i mean every single acre if possible.

He didn't have to say anything I could sense by his actions and expressions he had been looking a hard look at it.

Is there a map to view...Like I said I'm just learning and I'd like to be able to understand this more. Going over the list was so complicated as it seems they use different labelling etc. I saw a map on here, but it didn't have a real grid or that many names on it. I had to laugh at one of our interest rights (royalty) of %0.0019531 on five acres...but hey every drop counts. From previous leases I know the total ends up being 528 acres

Madena at his time I see no new activity in your area.

GIS Map of Gaines county A-323/Section 282:


This link is to the Texas Railroad Commission Public GIS Map Viewer:


Clint Liles

Thank you. I spent awhile yesterday trying to understand that map....I'll spend some more on it this weekend


If you need help just let me know.

Clint Liles

That sounds like some pretty good places...surprised you have not been leased on some of it..

N/2 of the SE 4A-323 Hutchinson County School Land. I'm having a hard time picturing exactly where this is located, could you pass on a general description where it is located in the county.
Perhaps because we describe land in different manner. From your description, I cannot tell what section it own..nor the block.
For instance is '323' the Section number or Block.

Here is an example of the way I describe a piece of land I've been thinking about, take a look at it and think about how you would describe it.
(Public School Lands "PSL"), Blk c-32, section 7, sw/4 .. does this kinda make sense to you. Compare that description to yours. See what it I think it is in your description does not have a legal logical flow to it. I'm not making fun of you, just describing how most people post a description of a piece of land.

For instance your description starts out with N/2 of SE 4A. Lets take an example on your description:
(Hutchison County School "HCS", Blk- ?, Section ? , N/2 of the SE 4A)
I not familiar with the 323 is that part of the description of the land vs a section, or block or something like that.

Hope that didn't confuse you too much but you will get it.

Anyway, i'm interested in what location you are talking about here, I may know somebody looking around that area.

I was late in catching your email and initially did not notice Clints comments, do your best to get a handle on what he says and you will be right where you need to be.

There's just so many descriptions...I'm starting to get the lingo. I'm helping my mother out. It hasn't been passed down yet to my generation. They have leased before but it's two pages of parcels with various degrees of ownership etc...and I know they drilled back in the 80's in Caddo Cnty for gas. OK. I'm reading this off of a description from my grandmother's will...and I just found out we have more than 528...so that's good. We have 528 in Gaines and either 530 or 261 depending on one listing: Gaines reads as follows: 2/3 mineral interst N/2 SE4 League 282 Hutchinson CSL 528 Gross and 352 Net Mineral Acres.

One listing in Dawson lists as W/2 section 59 Block M SAE 25.27 Acres EL and RR survey A294 (cantaining 294.73 NMA) My question here is: Do we owwn 25.7 or 294.73 acres?

I just don't know the names to begin with so understanding all the abbreviations isdifficult...like what does PAB stand for. I so appreciate all your help. I'll go stare at the map for awhile before I start going cross eyed

I think what I need to do is get a list from county records as this list is from the trustee... As it seems like some of the record information is lacking on certain listings

Thanks again! I'me sure I'll be back with more questions

1.> 282 Hutchinson CSL 528 Gross and 352 Net Mineral. Somebody on here will get it straight but I think you have 352 netMineraAcres under a 528 acre tract of land. That is huge...that is a lot. Before I start you may get swamped by people after something, do not take somebody that knocks on the door at first. Find somebody that really really trust, get their opinion on who to talk to then move from there, the person they know may somebody. Be careful, you have something here and get the most honest person you can find. Watch out for letters, they can be tricky...get an opinion because of small print you might not catch.

1.>that's big..you have 528plus acres in Caddo County? my gosh. (or was that in Gaines)

2.>on the second you mention 530 gross in one, then 528 gross on the next line. Are you talking about the same tract of land and just happen to be off 2acres

3.>and you happen to have 528 acres in Gaines

4.>and either 530 or 261 depending on one listing: Gaines reads as follows: 2/3 mineral interst N/2 SE4 League 282 Hutchinson CSL 528 Gross and 352 Net Mineral Acres. I'm having a hard time follow this one...but it will most likely its 261. (how did you get form 352acres to 261acres)..missed that

5.>Do we own 25.7 or 294.73 acres? on the 2nd tract it looks like own 25.7 minerals in a 294 acre tract of land. You may not think that's much, but its deal, you own 10% of that tract...

I tried to stay in the order you mentioned but go some in the wrong place...nothing changes re acreage you won,

I need to read a few more times This needs to really needs be looked at, without seeing a map you are in a great position if anything is happening around there. You could really be into something.

__At all cost, as if your life is in danger__you simply must find somebody honest that will keep others honest that get around you.__

i'll look at again, make sure i'm right and reword a few things. but for now, here. Paging Clint Miles..you have a call on line one, two, and three.

its not missing, he is not looking in the right place for certain criteria. Trustee is probably an attorney that has never done this.

Clint Mile..there is somebody at the desk that needs your credit card...touch base and I will pass on

no this paperwork is from the trustee....we have dissolved the trust. There were so many different family branches involved in this we need to call to make sure we have all our rights in order anyways. There's still a house in Lamesa with our family name on a historic plaque. I miss my childhood visits to Texas...and watching soap operas with the maid and Mama Row

it's 528 in Gaines and either 260.81 or 530.27 in Dawson (this belongs to three family branches).

I can't tell on one of the Dawson listings if its 25.27 or 294.73 acres. The listing says W/2 section 59Block M, SAE 25.27 Acres EL & RR Survey A 294 (294.73 NMA).

Just trying to be up on it so my family doesn't make a mistake...not that my aunts listen to much of what I have to say lol

you mention having a tough time on how a tract should be listed..i'm a Texas guy so here we go. (starting with the Largest area (Texas) to the smallest (SW 1/4) located in section 5....always notice starting with the largest area then ending with the smallest

here is the lease I'm looking for:

Texas, Gaines County, Pubic Shool lands, Blk C-31, Section 5, (SW 1/4)--this indicates where land is located in the section..it in the SW quarter of Sec. 5--

1.>start with the largest area its located in: Texas

2.>what is the 2nd largest tract, I.. Gaines County

3>some counties differing legal entities named on the map and area it controls..that own, ..sometimes its county, school, railroad, etc. So this will be listed-you will see it.say ie. public shools..go there, you will see all this on the map.

4.>What is the next largest area this land is on after locationg the Schools portion...it is the Block C-31 on this shool land. it will have several Blks

5.Whats the next largest tract after you get the block...the Section (the Block will contain several sections)

6.>ok, you have found where your tract is..its in this section 5 but this section will probably be separated by differnt people who own other parts of the section5

7.>you know what part of that secition5 you own..its the (SW 1/4)...there it, theres your tract land containing your minerals

Its going to take a few reading but the main way I describe land location is from the largest are (Texas) to the smallest (sw 1/4 in sec 5}....;look at the flow_starting with the largest ending with the smallest. That what do and every person I work with...others may have a different idea but this is what makes sense to me..and eventually you too. You have got to tract down your pieced land on the map and there it is. Learn this yourself, you will get frustrated but stick with it. You must figure this out to see If someone is lying about something.

Right now in Oklahoma a guy wrote me a letter stating what I owned...caught him lying like dog by tracking down the location on the map. See he wanted to buy so many acres..when I saw the map and size, I knew I owned more. Due to percentages I was aware of.

I am going warn you one more time...you MUST find honest people or before you know it you will end up with 1/8th of what you thought you own.

A lot of your land has been leased before, great sign..eventually will get leased again. You have something very valuable...just be careful


Hopefully Clint Miles will enter and pull up a map showing you exactly what i'm talking...I'm simply not on his level re much of anything re technical and the oil industry.

I'm sure there are others that can, but almost every time it seem be Clint

Now I'm understanding this. Thank you so much for taking this much time helping me. And I was wrong about the city...the house is in Canon/Canyon.

My great grandfathers parter's family is still in Texas and is still running theirmineral right. I just spoke to my mom about calling them. The Holt family. Ours stems from Bennett, Arnett and Hill.

When one offer recently came up we brought up calling the Holt's, but the aunts insisted on a lawyer....so we contacted him and he said (like I had thought) we needed to go educate ourselves a bit and to come back to him with any offers (at that time the offer was for Caddo...so much smaller)

I'll go play around with the maps before. I will also be sending you a private message