Leasing Info - Reeves County


Looking for leasing info for minerals in Section 238, Block 13, Reeves Co, TX. Thanks


Jim, Can you be a little more specific with your legal description? I have a Reeves County Map but it does not show a Section 238, Block 13.


There have been several companies leasing in your general area over the last year, including Noble and Primexx. Have no idea what leasing prices have been in your immediate area, but in areas to the north of you with somewhat more development, there have been contracts with prices somewhere around $9.000 to $15,000 an acre.


Liz: Thank you for the info - much appreciated. Jim


Block 13 has slowed down in parts as the operators learned which area(s) to focus on, and you’re in the very fringy area. I personally don’t think you will see a bonus offer above $5,000/NMA there, and that’s still probably higher than what would truly be offered. Activity will surely trickle your way at some point, but for right now it looks like it’s anybody’s guess when.