Leasing in Van Zandt County Texas?

Is anyone familiar with any Leasing activity in the area of the Van Zandt/Smith County Line in Texas? I have friends who have minerals in this area and they are asking for help with Lease Terms. Thanks!

Hello Edward....Chesapeake is leasing from the Mt. Sylvan area S/W to the Van Zandt County line.

Clint Liles

Thank you, Clint. Do you know the Lease Bonus amount being paid for the leases?

Good Morning Edward. Get in touch with Scott Hibbeller(landman in Tyler)...He own property and lives in the Mt. Sylvan area)..... http://www.mineralrightsforum.com/profile/ScottHibbeler

Chesapeake must have had a good showing on the Covington H well at Mt. Sylvan to be leasing more land in that area.

Clint Liles

Beta Land Services is/was leasing for Chesapeake per Scott Hibbeler(landman).


Clint Liles