Leasing in Van Zandt County Texas

My dad and I own 45% of the mineral and we know who owns the rest of the mineral. Would like to know what we need to do to possibly get leased, I know that they are doing some drilling around my dad. He had a land man come talk to him a year or so ago but never came back. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


there's not much you can do until some oil/gas company decides to lease your minerals. And welcome to Mineral Rights Forum.

What is the Abstract # of your minerals and we can see what kind of wells, etc. are in the area by checking the RR Commission GIS Map.

Clint Liles


Clint is correct in that a description of your mineral area would be helpful. A lot depends on the proximity of wells around your area and their production figures. If an operator is involved in developing the area, you will be contacted in the future. Be sure and take your time before signing a lease and make sure that the terms of the lease is to your benefit. You might also refer to the "Groups" section above, click on this and then find Texas and then Van Zandt County. There should be some information from other mineral owners at this site.

I will get that information this next week I am out on my drilling rig til Sunday. Thanks

Ok I have the mineral deeds where do I find the abstract# on these deeds?


All I can tell you is look closely. It must be on there somewhere with the Section and Block # nearby.

Clint Lile