Leasing in sect. 7, 18 & 5 - RedSky?


Please advise any leasing terms for sect. 7, 18 or 5 in McClain county. What do you know about RedSky?


What township and range are you looking to lease these sections in?


RedSky is a longtime non-op in the basin. Really good and honest guys.


Red Sky is usually leasing for someone else. They have been around a long time. If you give the Township and Range, it will enable a more accurate answer as to current pricing.
You still need to get a negotiated lease and not sign the first thing put in front of you. Depending upon their client, some are easier and some are harder to work with.


10 acres sect 18 T5N R1W McclAin Cty. Red Sky Offered $500/ 3/16. Just received notice of hearing. I have not signed a lease yet. Waiting on a reply from BP about a question I have. Suggestions for lease amount. I don’t want to be pooled.


Most recent poolings nearby have been in the 150-350 range @ 3/16. I suspect Red Sky is leasing for BP, they have in the past. BP is the one with the pooling application. If those things are correct, the pooling should be for $500 minimum.

I have to ask why are you against being force pooled?