Leasing IN McCone County MT? Are they expanding at all into MT?

Has anyone heard if they are offering any leases in MT? We had interest about a year ago. Nothing since?

I was at the NARO Tx convention in July and was told that eastern Montana is definitely on the radar and leasing will happen over the next 5 years

I am one of the grandchildren of my grandfather and his brother's oil and mineral rights in McCone County. I recall my mom receiving some money for exploration they were doing there about 6-7 years back. Since my mother's passing I cannot find any paper work regarding this and my cousins don't seem to know where there paper work is either. Do you have any advice for me so I can make sure that oil and leasing companies could find us descendants of my grandfather?

Marsha, I believe things have cooled off for McCone Co. They've had trouble completing wells in the Heath Shale to the west, and they've not been able to show the Bakken shale to the east extends into McCone. Though things change so you may see things heat up again somewhere down the road. FYI, this site allows people to post minerals for lease. If interested you may post them here.

Rondi, do a search on this site and the web for "Affidavit of Heirship". Ideally you'd want this to include the legal description of the minerals. However, you could record one simply lists your Mom's legal heirs. Something to the effect, "Mary Jones of 123 Main St, Circle, MT passed away on August 1, 2012. Her rightful heirs are Rondi Marsh, 710 Elm, Bismarck, ND 72031, Bob Jones, 311 Custer, St Paul, MN....".

Don't copy what I wrote. This is only to give you an idea of the type of information your Affidavit would include. PS. Whatever you submit to be recorded in McCone County must be a notarized document. So begin by doing a search for the term above and you'll find examples you could use. List all Mom's heirs, their addresses, and have it notarized before submitting to the County Recorder. Good Luck.

Dear Eastern MT.

Thank you for your specific and very clear suggestions. I appreciate it. Rondi