Leasing in Marshall, W. Va

I have a lease with Tughill for my 4.3 acres of mineral rights in Marshall co. W.va. I cant find anything about what’s going on. Is there drilling ? When does my lease expire and will I get another bonus offer to resign? I read this forum but dont understand most of it. Please.help me to get an update. Thank you

memaw07, If you know where your parcels are you can go to dep.wv.gov and select Database and Well Information and then select the Oil and Gas Map Search. Enlarge the map on Marshall County and the parcels and well paths will be visible. You can see if there is any activity that crosses your parcels or is nearby. If you want to share your parcel numbers and district I would be happy to check for you. Just another lease holder in Marshall Co. As to the lease term it should be listed in your lease. Most are 5 years in that area. If your lease does not have an automatic extension you will need to negotiate a new lease with a bonus after the initial 5 year lease. We did that with our leases. Hope that helps.

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